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The Roxy Theater Antiques, Gifts and Coffeehouse in Historic Downtown Kennewick (Tri-Cities) strives to provide at least 3 distinct experiences for our customers:

  • A fun, engaging encounter with staff.
  • The perfect latte, or mocha if you prefer.
  • The joy of finding a unique vintage treasure, an antique or the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

If it's been a while since you last visited the Roxy, stop by . . . the changes are delightful and inspiring!

On our website, you can:

  • Get information about the Tri-Cities Antique Show . . . with a twist of vintage!  March 11-12, 2016.  The Tri-Cities Antique Show is the antique show that kicks off the antique and vintage show season in Washington State!
  • Meet the antique and vintage market dealers of the Tri-Cities Antique Show . . . with a twist of vintage!
  • Discover what's happening at the Roxy Theater Antiques and Gifts in Historic Downtown Kennewick, Washington (Tri-Cities, WA).
  • Get previews of what show dealers are bringing to the Tri-Cities Antique Show . . . with a twist of vintage!
  • Learn how to become a show dealer at the Tri-Cities Antique Show . . . with a twist of vintage!
  • Find directions to the Roxy Theater Antiques in Kennewick (Tri-Cities, WA).
  • Meet the vendors of the Roxy Theater Antiques.
  • Buy a button to get into the Tri-Cities Antique Show . . . early, before the show officially opens!

Located in Historic Downtown Kennewick, Washington (Tri-Cities), the Roxy Theatre Antiques and Gifts is both an antique store whantiques, antique store, antique mall, kennewick, richland, pasco, Tri-cities, hermiston, walla walla, pendleton, portland, yakima, washington, oregonere antique treasures and unique vintage pieces are found and a community meeting place.

In 2002, in the old Roxy Theatre building in Kennewick (Tri-Cities, WA), Roxy Theatre Antiques and Gifts opened based on a model for creating art and gallery exhibits with open space.  It is filled with merchants and independent antique dealers with years of managing retail environments who are excited about building displays that are inviting, fun and reflect the energy of the entire store.

The Roxy Theatre Antiques and Gifts was a perfect fit for its proprietor, Ann Steiger, who brought years of vendor management experience with her to Kennewick -- state fair event planning witantique store, antique mall, antiques, kennewick, pasco, richland, tri-cities, walla walla, pendleton, hermiston, portlandh as many as 400 vendors – and to the antique store.

One of the oldest buildings in the Tri-Cities area, the integrity of the original building’s architecture remains, though a full service espresso café with fresh baked scones and cookies, along with a soup and sandwich lunch faire was added. The espresso shop provides a community meeting space and a place to pause over lunch while taking in the 4000 square feet of retail space the Roxy offers.

Ann Steiger, the protector and keeper of the building and the sole proprietor of the Roxy Theatre Antiques and Gifts loves to tell her building’s story. A showpiece for the preservation and repurposing of historic buildings in Kennewick and the entire Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco and Kennewick), the Roxy Theatre Antiques and Gifts remains a favorite for local customers who drop in and stay a while to share their stories of going to the movies at the Roxy in their youth.



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Presented by the Roxy Theatre Antiques!

With 90+ antique show and vintage market dealers, from Portland, Kennewick, Richland, Yakima, Spokane, Pendleton . . . the Tri-Cities Antique Show . . . with a twist of vintage! kicks off the antique show and vintage market season in Washington State . . . March 11-12, 2016 at the Kennewick's Southridge Events Complex 

Tri-Cities Antique Show . . . With a Twist of Vintage!

March 11th & 12th 2016











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